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Welcome to Real Local Food! We are excited to provide a pathway to connect people of northeast Wisconsin to the food that is grown or produced in our state. This is your market, your support of the market and kitchen will help local businesses thrive and new businesses get started. We welcome your suggestions for different products that either an existing producer could add or a new start-up may find a niche to grow from your input. Our goal is to continue to incubate a growing local food network and growing public demand for these products. The Green Tomato will strive to increase your knowledge of where your food is coming from and expanding your understanding of what it means to eat local and seasonally. 

Our mission is connecting local farmers and artisan producers to the consumers who want to support their local economy by purchase food from Wisconsin. Of course most everyone knows we are the dairy state, producing a wide range of dairy products, including some of the world’s most award winning varieties of cheese. Wisconsin also has a rich heritage of sausage making and brewing. These are the items when Wisconsin and food are brought up in conversation with people around the country that you hear most commonly associated with Wisconsin. Cheese, Brats and Beer! These items may have made Wisconsin famous, but we have so much more to offer. Our state has an amazing diversity in heritage as well as geography, making Wisconsin a unique place with an incredible amount of agricultural resources and artisan producers of all diverse cultural ancestry and influence.   

You may also be aware that Wisconsin is a leader in cranberry and gingseng production, but:

1)      Did you know Wisconsin is the leading state in dairy goats?

2)      Wisconsin leads the nation in snap bean (often known in fresh market settings as green beans) production.

3)      Did you know the only pumpkin seed oil producer for cooking is located in Wisconsin? 

4)      In the late 1800’s Wisconsin lead the nation in the production of vegetables for processing. To support the booming brewing industry Wisconsin also lead in hops production, rye, barley and oats for a few years as well. 

5)      Wisconsin has 77,000 farms of which over 1200 are certified organic.

6)      More than 350,000 jobs in Wisconsin rely directly on agriculture, 10 % of the workforce. With your support we can increase agricultural related jobs.

 These are just a few of the many things you will learn about Wisconsin food by supporting The Green Tomato. Come and experience what Wisconsin has to offer, we think you will be amazed at the variety and selection you will find. Eat Local and Grow Your Local Economy!

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