Our Recycling Program

By using a reusable bag instead of cardboard boxes, we're helping the environment and lowering our carbon footprint. By subscribing to Green Tomato, you're helping protect the environment from plastic pollution.

We pride ourselves on being a trailblazer in the community, and without your support, it couldn't be possible. We ask that you return your insulated tote bag to our driver so we can up-cycle them properly. It's important that you return your tote bags promptly by leaving them outside your door the day of your delivery. Customers who don't return their tote bags upon canceling will be charged a $15 unreturned bag fee.

In order to facilitate your bag drop off, we have partnered with these amazing local companies. You can drop off your bags at any of these locations listed below.

Thank you to all our partners for being part of our mission for a more sustainable life!

Green Tomato Joins Forces with a Remarkable 12-year old to supply the community with mangoes!

Reduce Mango Waste This Season

Mango season is in full swing in South Florida, but many delicious mangos risk going to waste if they aren't picked. In fact, combining farm, retail, and consumer waste, it's estimated that around 40% of mangoes might go to waste during the season in South Florida.

That's why weโ€™re teaming up with Nicholas and his business, SoFla Boy Mangoes this summer!

Weโ€™re excited to support a young entrepreneur in his quest to learn more about Florida agriculture.

Donโ€™t let your mangoes go to waste โ€“ join us in making this mango season a fruitful one!

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Do you or someone you know have a mango tree that needs harvesting this summer? Join our โ€œNo Mangoes Go to Wasteโ€ movement by filling out the form below!

Support Food Rescue US - South Florida

Food Rescue US - South Florida is committed to ending hunger and reducing food waste by directly transferring fresh, usable food that would have otherwise been thrown away from grocers, restaurants, and other food industry sources to food insecure families throughout South Florida.

Your support allows Food Rescue South Florida expand its impact and provide for more food insecure individuals and families. Thank you for your donation

4 Ways to Keep Your Greens Fresher

  1. Protect the leaves from cold refrigerator air.
  2. Wrap the leaves in a moist towel and place the wrapped leaves inside a silicon bag. If you don't cover the leaves, the cold air will dry them out.
  3. Chop up the greens and place them in sealed containers like jars! So they're fresh and ready to add to your next meal.
  4. Place the stems in a cup of water like you would with flowers and then store the cup in the fridge or on your counter (this is time sensitive-use soon)

What to do if you think your produce might go bad? Chop it up and freeze it! You can use the produce for nutrient dense vegetable broth.