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Sustainably sourced & delivered in our reusable Tote-Bags

Get the habit of receiving healthy fruits & veggies sustainably

Get your veggies without the plastic, cardboard and waste.

Make new receipes & healthy food with the weekly-changing menu's.

Recycle your Tote Bags with the Driver or let them outside the door on delivery date

How It Works 💚

We are a South Florida local woman owned business. Our mission is to deliver sustainably, local farms fresh produce, with a combination of seasonal, healthy and delicious so you can reconnect with natural flavors.

1. Choose your Tote Bag

○ We send you local fresh seasonal produce Tote Bags in different sizes & combinations for every lifestyle:

○ Fruit & Veggie Mix ○ Organic ○ Only Veggies ○Tropical fruits ○Detox Juices

2. Choose your Delivery Frequency

○ We deliver in Miami Dade on Fridays for Free to your door.

○You Choose your delivery frequency: weekly, biweekly or monthly.

○You can Cancel, Pause or Skip anytime for free via App.

3. We recycle everything

We don't use cardboard boxes or plastic bags, but Tote Bags which are eco-friendly and reusable.

○ Clients return their tote bags in hands to the driver or leave them in the door for pickup on delivery date.

○ We are on a strict Zero Waste policy.

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- Fruit & Veggie Mix -

Eating seasonally helps promote nutritious meals and supports a healthy environment


◉ The best way to enjoy local fresh produce and experiment new fruits and vegetables

◉ You'll know what you're receiving the Monday before delivery so you can always plan your meals ahead and reduce food waste

◉ No cardboard boxes, no plastic packaging you wont know what to do with, just a reustable tote bag you can return

◉ Our team selects every piece of produce with thought and love

◉ No-contract, no-hidden fees, no cancelation fee policy, manage everything from Login.

◉ You'll be joining a family of like minded individuals. You'll receive a welcome gift, surprises, recipies, and community events you can be a part of


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What People Say


The quality has been amazing both times they've sent me! I'm obsessedwith this concept and company 😍


Hey! I love it 🥰 the tomatoes and tangerines were perfectly ripe, I've already used them in some recipes, tomorrow I'll post again and tag you.


Estoy enamorada de sus vegetales, omg tenía años sin comer con tanto sabor. El pepino sabe y huele a pepino, los limones los pimentones estoy alucinando con los sabrosos que son. Ya me estoy subscribiendo. No cambien nada 😁


Green Tomato is a great option for anyone who wants to be more mindful about their footprit and eat locally! The poduce was fresh and very well packaged - showed that a lot of thought went into it.


Being a member of GT in Miami, means being part of a group that focus on sustainability we are pushing for a cultural change, join us!