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1. Check your Zip Code

Enter your Zip Code to see if we deliver in your area

2. Pick your Size and Delivery Frequency

We offer different tote bag sizes to fit every lifestyle. You can choose from our various types of subscriptions.

3. Your Delivery Will Arrive on Saturdays!

Deliveries will be made on Saturdays to your door and you will be notified in advance with a time delivery window

4. Return Your Tote Bag

It's up to you, really. Most of our customers return their tote bags so we can wash and re-use them.

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Join the Green Family

We’re committed to helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint

Green Tomato has one mission — to help our clients adopt healthy habits in a sustainable manner. What does being sustainable mean in practice? Changing our consumption habits to incorporate reusable everyday products that adapt to our busy lifestyle. At Green Tomato we do not use any plastic packaging — you will receive your purchase plastic- free and in a reusable tote bag! Help us change the world one habit at a time.