organic produce from florida farms

harvested same-day to maximize freshness

zero-waste packaging

delivered to your door!

know what you'll be receiving with our weekly "fresh list"

customize your order if you want to change anything


- Fruit & Veggie Mix -

Get ready to cook with the highest quality organic local farm veggies and taste the most authentic flavors, plus sustainably delivered to your door.


need more reasons?

1. We deliver straight from Florida farms to your door

2. Lower your carbon foot-print by supporting local farms and the circular economy, while minimizing single used plastics often found in supermarkets

3. We design a weekly-changing tote-bags for perfect combination of seasonal fruits and veggies!

3. We have a simple and easy method to recycle each tote bag with the driver at each delivery. Please return your tote bags to ensure we do our part!

4. We give you the exclusive real farm experience direct your kitchen with top-notch quality, fresh natural smell and the unique tasty flavors you can only get with us in Florida.

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Our Mission in Florida

Green Tomato's commitment to Sustainability and zero-waste is in our core. Our approach is simple, we believe that any action no matter how small has imense impact. That's why we created a zero-waste model were we send you your weekly produce in reusable insulated bags that you can reuse or return to us. Additionally, our produce comes with minimal packaging, minimizing waste.