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Green tomato is a subscription based company with a mission to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to its customers in the Miami-Dade County.

Green Tomato works on a subscription based model. This means that you can choose from a monthly membership or a yearly membership. Every Saturday members will receive a canvas tote bag with nutritionist recommended weekly doses of fruits and vegetables (depending on the sizes chosen). Another perk of the subscription is the nutritionist based recipes will include, but are not limited to, vegetarian options, vegan options, healthy smoothies and juices, as well as quick and easy breakfast, lunch and dinners.

Not to worry! You can easily manage your account online at any time in three easy steps. Once you’re logged in, click: “My Subscriptions” where you will find your subscription details and below a “Cancel Subscription” button. By clicking this button you will be prompted to finalize your cancellation.

Not a problem! You can easily pause your subscription online at any time in three easy steps. Once you’re logged in, click: “Manage upcoming orders” where you will find a “Pause future orders”. 

Once you’re ready to continue with your subscription, you can click on: “Resume Future Orders” from “My Subscription”.


We currently deliver to the South Florida area, specifically Miami-Dade County. Please check if we deliver to your ZIP code using our ZIP code checker.

We currently deliver on Saturdays, and delivery days are not able to be changed at this time. You can expect your items to be delivered between 10 a.m. — 5 p.m.

Your order will be delivered in a 100% reusable canvas tote bag in order to decrease our carbon footprint. We are committed to sustainability as one of our core values and thus aim to achieve zero waste.

No, there is never a delivery fee!

No, you do not need to be home for delivery, however, we recommend it as all of the items are perishable. We can not guarantee a delivery time. If a customer is not home we make every attempt to get the canvas tote bag inside your building to be left at your door, but this is up to the driver's judgement if the canvas tote bag is safe to be left at the location. 


No, because our tote bags are created by our nutritionists in order to facilitate a healthy lifestyle. 

To get the most out of your produce, check out our storage tips from our Instagram @greentomatomiami

Send us an email to support@greentomatomarket.com and we will make it right! We really love our customers and value your business.


Yes, for large corporate accounts please email us at hello@greentomatomarket.com, we are able to set up delivery for different days for large corporate orders, and offer special packages. 

Any other question, get in touch by Whatsupp at the right side of screen!