From a Dream to your Door

Green Tomato was born in 2021, however, the idea has been brewing in my head for quite some time. Having studied and lived in Washington State for over four years, and spent time abroad, I quickly realized that Florida, and specifically South Florida where I grew up, had a lot to learn from other regions. 

Growing frustrated with the lack of sustainable options and recycling programs that existed in Miami-Dade, I started to volunteers when I could at local beach cleanups, annoyed my family members about the importance of recycling, and declined the plastic bag after getting really upset when the cashier offered me one when I purchased a small pack of gum (why!?). All these actions were steps in the right direction, however, it was not enough. 

That’s why in 2021 I decided to start the first ever sustainable produce delivery company in Miami-Dade County. Green Tomato is not only a trailblazer in our space, we are also doing things differently, and for a reason. Why should we follow a model that is long over-due for change? We believe that eating healthy does not have to be synonymous with eating bland and boring meals. We believe that time is the most important asset we have, and we want to help you cherish it. We believe that small conscious choices can help improve our planet. 

Sustainability is in our DNA

Green Tomato's commitment to Sustainability and zero-waste is in our core. Our approach is simple, we believe that any action no matter how small has inmense impact. That's why we created a zero-waste model were we send you your weekly produce in resuable insulated bags that you can reuse or return to us. Additionally, our produce comes with minimal packaging, minimizing waste.

What to expect from Green Tomato

Fresh Farms Produce

We deliver the produce the same day we receive it from our local vendors. By covering only the Miami-Dade County area, we assure that your produce arrives as fresh as possible.

Sustainably Packaged

We are dedicated to providing our customers with attainable solutions to help them become more sustainable citizens. Our mission is to reduce single-use plastic and reduce our carbon footprint.

You're supporting local business

By subscribing to Green Tomato, you help support a local and minority owned business. We run and operate with love and your purchase helps us build healthier communities for future generations in South Florida.

Eat Seasonally

Seasonal eating is a sustainable way of changing your diet that has many healthy advantages. Our weekly lists are created with what's in season around South Florida and its sorrounding areas.