Connect South Florida residents to farm-fresh produce in a sustainable way.


To facilitate and accelerate South Florida transition to zero-waste and connect residents and businesses to farm-fresh produce, while helping farmers along the way.


Dedicated to providing high quality products. Continually striving for the best, through innovation.

How We Turned a Problem into a Solution

Living in other parts of the country and abroad, I was excited to see the sustainability and environmental movements transforming the world. Being an outdoor and nature lover, I started to learn more about sustainability, our habits, and how our daily lives have a direct impact on the environment.

Every time I would come home to Miami to visit, I would be sad to see the gap that our wonderful city still had in the sustainability space.

Growing frustrated with the lack of sustainable options and recycling programs that existed in Miami-Dade County, I started to volunteer when I could at local beach cleanups, annoyed my family members about the importance of recycling, and declined the plastic bag after getting really upset when the cashier offered me one when I purchased a small pack of gum (why!?).

All these actions were steps in the right direction, however, I felt like I needed to collaborate more to the problem.

That’s why in 2021 I decided to start the first ever sustainable produce delivery company in Miami-Dade County.

Green Tomato is not only a trailblazer in our space, we are also doing things differently, and for a reason. Why should we follow a model that is long over-due for change?

We believe that eating healthy does not have to be synonymous with eating bland and boring meals. We believe that time is the most important asset we have, and we want to help you cherish it. We believe that small conscious choices can help improve our planet.Β We invite you to taste the difference in our produce!

Vanessa Aflalo


Sustainability is in our DNA

Green Tomato's commitment to sustainability and zero-waste is in our core. Our approach is simple, we believe that any action no matter how small has immense impact. That's why we created a zero-waste model were we send you your weekly produce in reusable insulated bags that you can reuse or return to us. Additionally, our produce comes with minimal packaging, minimizing waste.

You can make a difference

Volunteer for a Clean-Up

Almost half of all plastic manufactured is designed to be used only once and then thrown away, and less than 10% of plastic is recycled, with the rest ending up in our landfills and environment.

Plastic waste generated in coastal regions like Miami-Dade County is most at risk of entering our ocean.

Plastic waste is now so pervasive in our environment that it can be detected in our food chain, our water supply and even in the air we breathe. You don’t have to look far to see the unsightly impacts from plastic waste littering our environment.

"11 million metric tons of plastic waste ends up in our bays, on our beaches and in the sea." - Miami-Dade County


Eat only high quality while supporting local farmers in a sustainable manner.