Florida Hydroponic Lettuce Farm

We grow our produce hydroponically – for the freshest, cleanest, and tastiest lettuce, with no GMOs or additives, plus we harvest year-round – so you can always enjoy premium quality, locally grown produce.

Fresh Leafy Green

Romaine Dragoon

Leaves are thick and have an excellent crisp texture

Romaine Trucha

Very refined with utterly bitter-free flavor

Salanova Red Oakleaf

Uniform, upright leaves and good weight

Salanova Red Butter

Great for selling as whole head or in salad mix

Salanova Green Butter

Round base with open leaves, delicate, buttery flavor

Salanova Green Oakleaf

Darker green with compact heads

Dark Red Lollo Rossa

Red-edged heavily frilled leaves provide loft texture

Green Salad

Ideal for salad mix with fresh and smooth texture


Deeply lobed leaves with curled margins

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